Source and Summit Ministry is on the the front lines of reaching people today.   Through powerful keynote talks that form the mind and ignite the heart and music that transcends culture and offers an authentic expression of worship, Katie Austin and Jason Romero stand in the gap by bringing the Gospel to those in need.  I’m a fan and a believer in Source and Summit ministry.”  Paul George, International Catholic Speaker

“Putting on a youth retreat that both forms the mind and moves the heart is a huge challenge.  Jason Romero has a gift for doing both in a way that attracts and challenges young people.  I’ve worked with Jason on a number of youth retreats and pilgrimages and I can’t recommend him enough.”  Peter Fletcher, Headmaster, Pope John Paul the Great Academy, Lafayette, LA

Katie Austin defies the norm when it comes to female speakers.  She is energetic, engaging, contemporary, relatable, and even sometimes a bit sassy!  If you are looking for a down to earth speaker for your event, Katie Austin is your girl.”  Jordan Koonce, FOCUS Missionary (Fellowship of Catholic University Students)

Source + Summit Ministry, through the beautiful gift of Katie Austin and Jason Romero, seeks not only to challenge, engage, and form the mind, but also through authentic music, praise, and worship create a true and authentic environment that allows an intimate connection between God and those present.  Jason and Katie have moved my heart and mind in our shared ministry as well as in moments that I have been privileged to serve as audience.”  Stephanie Clouatre Davis, Rosaryville Spirit Life Center Programs Director + Catholic Speaker

Jason and Katie combine each of their individual talents to effectively bring ministry and the Gospel message to any group.  Source and Summit Ministry has been successful in providing high school retreats, confirmation retreats, and adult catechist seminars.” Lynette Shaffett, Campus Minister + Theology Department Head, Redemptorist High School, Baton Rouge, LA