Sealed with the Spirit!

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A few weeks ago I had the chance to give a presentation to the confirmation candidates of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Baton Rouge.  It was merely a few days before they were to be confirmed, so I challenged them to really understand what was about to happen to them.  The Catechism states that upon receiving the sacrament “the confirmand receives the ‘mark,’ the seal of the Holy Spirit.  A seal is a symbol of a person, a sign of personal authority…Hence they are, as true witnesses of Christ, more strictly obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.” CCC 1285, 1295.

I was also recently a sponsor for confirmation, and I tried to impart the same understanding of the sacrament to my candidate.  Unfortunately in today’s society, the sacrament of confirmation is most often viewed as a graduation ceremony from the Church or from religious formation.  As the catechism states, we are called at our confirmation to be defenders of the faith, soldiers of Christ.  Instead of the sacrament being a mere ritual, we need to understand that it is a calling from God to spread the good news of Christ to all those we come into contact with.

At confirmation, the Holy Spirit arms us with the grace needed to be a faithful soldier.  How awesome!!  Now go fight the good fight!

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  1. Jason! I love this – you totally hit the mark. Looking forward to having you and Katie at St. Clement in a few weeeks. I can’t wait to see how blessed those 7th graders will be after spending a day with you!

    Tammy Radabaugh

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