Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

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As we find ourselves in the last days of Advent, we turn to the ultimate models of preparation: Mary and Joseph.  Despite their humble beginnings and expectations for a quiet and ordinary life, God surprised them with the greatest task in history, to raise His Son! 

TRANSFORMATION.  The Son became Incarnate to save us (CCC 457), to reveal God’s love to us (CCC 458), to be a model of holiness for us (CCC 459), and to make us partakers of the Divine Nature (CCC 460).  While God could have become man by any means possible—He is God after all—He chose the most fitting way, by allowing man to participate in the process.  God chose Mary to become the Mother of Jesus Christ, and Joseph to be his foster father.    

In the anticipation of the parties and presents of Christmas, have you ever reflected on the anticipation of the Mary and Joseph?  Did they ever have doubts?  Were they fearful for themselves or the child God had given them?  How did they manage? 

One of my favorite songs of the Christmas season is “Better You than Me, Joseph” by the Killers.  This song takes a look at what it may have been like for this unassuming carpenter to accept the responsibility of protecting and caring for the Mother of God.  When we have a crisis of faith in our own lives, do we turn to Joseph?  When we feel hopeless, frightened, intimidated, overwhelmed, do we turn to Jesus’ foster father?     

Amy Grant’s “Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)” also explores the humility required of Jesus’ mother and foster father.  We spoke earlier of the significance of Mary’s YES.  That docility of spirit allowed God to walk the earth as one of us and led to our Redemption upon the cross.  Through her YES, she became not only Mother of God, but Mother of us all.  When we struggle to say yes to God, do we turn to Mary?  When we can only see our way of doing things, do we turn to our Mother?      

REFLECTION.  Am I praying?  Am I asking God what is His will for my life?  Am I open to what God is calling me to do?  To whom God is calling me to be?  What obstacles do I need to remove in order to be open to God’s call?  Unforgiveness?  Toxic relationships?  Sin?  Lack of Trust?  Busyness of everyday life?  Mary and Joseph, PRAY FOR US!    

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