Road to Emmaus Summer Mission

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AND THEIR EYES WERE OPENED… From July 18-25, Source + Summit Ministry had the privilege of taking part in the Road to Emmaus summer mission in the community of Vacherie, LA.  Five parishes participated in the incredible work accomplished at the mission: St. Aloysius, Baton Rouge, LA, St. Isidore the Farmer, Baker, LA, St. George, Baton Rouge, LA, Our Lady of Peace, Vacherie, LA, and Holy Family, all the way from Virginia Beach, VA!

The mission opened with a weekend of training and retreating!  The missionaries were challenged to prepare for the week by diving deep into the Scriptures. During the week the 70+ teens in attendance washed, scraped, painted, demolished, rebuilt, and repaired homes at 11 worksites.  In addition to manual labor, the missionaries made home visits, spent time at the local senior center, and put on a junior high kids camp.  After each day of hard work the teens and adults returned to Our Lady of Peace Church for a spiritual program provided by Source + Summit.

Each night the group took another step along the road to Emmaus, studying Scripture, rekindling our relationships with Christ, and having our eyes opened through the Eucharist.  Through talks, prayer reflections, worship, and testimonies of the teens, we could see the veils slowly being lifted.  God truly changed some hearts during the week!  It was awesome and humbling to be part of such an incredible experience—our hearts were burning within us!!

Thank you to all of you who were praying for us!

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