Paid in Full!

Posted by on Apr 25, 2011 in blog

Alleluia!  He is risen!  Our God and King has conquered death by death and given us new life!  As we enter into the Easter season and celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death, don’t we sometimes wonder why He had to die?  If God is Almighty, couldn’t He have just forgiven mankind without sacrificing His Son?  Or is Christ’s sacrifice the most fitting way for us to be redeemed? Until the 1000′s A.D. many Christian scholars and authors...

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Veritas 2011

Posted by on Apr 13, 2011 in blog

This past weekend I had the great opportunity to lead worship at a retreat that is very close to my heart.  Back when I was a high school teen, I attended the Veritas retreat and it truly opened my eyes to the richness of the Catholic faith.  Held just outside of Lafayette, La, Veritas is an experience unlike any other for high school teens.  It celebrates the truth and tradition of the faith and invites teens to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Here is a link to...

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The Blind Will See

Posted by on Mar 31, 2011 in blog

This Sunday at mass, we will hear from the Gospel of John about the man born blind.  I have often wondered what it must be like to be unable to see the beauty of God’s creation with my own eyes.  Let alone not be able to see faces of friends and family. In John 9:1-41, Jesus encounters a man “blind from birth.”  His disciples ask if the man is blind due to his sin or his parent’s sin.  In Jesus’ day, physical deformity or illness was attributed...

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Threefold lust: Satan’s playground

Posted by on Mar 14, 2011 in blog

In last Sunday’s Gospel, we heard from Matthew’s gospel (Mt 4:1-11) about the temptation of Jesus in the desert by Satan.  I often wondered why Jesus let himself be tempted and why he didn’t just crush the devil at this time.  To understand why Jesus was tempted, we have to go back to Genesis 3. When the serpent entered the garden, he tempted Eve with half-truths.  He told Eve that if she ate the fruit, she would not die and that her eyes would be opened...

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Sealed with the Spirit!

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011 in blog

A few weeks ago I had the chance to give a presentation to the confirmation candidates of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Baton Rouge.  It was merely a few days before they were to be confirmed, so I challenged them to really understand what was about to happen to them.  The Catechism states that upon receiving the sacrament “the confirmand receives the ‘mark,’ the seal of the Holy Spirit.  A seal is a symbol of a person, a sign of personal...

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