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Dear friends, family, and fellow Americans, We’d like to share with you on this Veterans’ Day a special rosary for America. “The holy Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you will be amazed at the results.” Saint Josemaria Escriva We are a country in need of prayer.  Next time you pray the rosary, offer it intentionally for the conversion of America.  At each Our Father pray for the conversion of heart of our leaders at each level and branch...

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Our Father!

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Looking for a new way to refresh your prayer life?  Ever consider meditating on the Our Father slowly and intentionally?  Join us as we journey through the Our Father in our weekly video blog!...

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Tolerance vs. Charity

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Today it seems more and more that it’s becoming less and less popular to stand up for what you believe is right as a Christian.  We’re often afraid to offend society’s highest value–tolerance. In this week’s video blog we take a look at the concept of Tolerance vs. the concept of Charity.  And we ask the question: is it unkind to stand up for what you believe is right? Click here to check it out. For this blog or other Source + Summit videos...

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What is Truth?

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  As we wrestle with a relativistic world (say that 3xs fast!) it’s important to ask ourselves does objective truth exist…  Check out the latest video blog “What is Truth?” from Source + Summit...

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Really Relevant

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Welcome to the latest series in our video blog!  Click here to see Jason discuss a question we get all of the time… “Is the faith still...

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